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dad got married

Life was normal as a child, I used to go school and somehow mange my time out of studies and play cricket. As a matter of pride, I dreamt of playing cricket wearing Nepal’s jersey. I always saw that dream coming. But one day when I reached home, I got news that my dad got married with a woman and shifted to India. As an army man, how brave of him was to have married twice and abandoned his first family? Now, we merely talk.
Then my life took a sudden down turn. I quit my school because of financial issues. My mother was as well helpless and despite she wanted, she was not able do anything but watch me with a hope, that I would magically help her and, the family some day. I then started my education in government school. Surprisingly, a month later, a local school namely Phalewas Model English Boarding School invited me to join them with full scholarship. And all of that just because I was a good cricket player.
All of a sudden my life took a U turn and the game that I loved started getting me recognized. Furthermore, recognizing my skills and passion, cricket Parbat also helped me with basic cricket training and also made arrangement for a friendly match in Pokhara with ex-national player, Deepesh Khatri. Seeing my game Deepesh Khatri got impressed and gave opportunity to be part of MCC (Machhapuchre Cricket Club) U-19 team. It was one of the most memorable days for me which cannot be expressed by words. You know, in my very first game at big grounds with prominent player, I managed to get emerging player of the tournament. After the game, chairperson of Great Himalayan Cricket Academy (GHCA) Sudeep Sharma also surprised me by announcing free training arrangements at the GHCA, Kathmandu. To tell you, you might know about the 7th National game recently happened. I was selected for the Parbat district senior cricket team at the age of 13. I was the only person to get breakthrough for the senior cricket team in the early teenage in entire nation.
Now, I am back to my village, and we don’t have cricket equipment here at the school but however, with some of resources, I am managing juniors and colleagues and running daily training. I am very hopeful and very optimistic and I really hope that one day I will go Kathmandu to study and in parallel pursue my dream of playing cricket for the nation. For your information, I am an all rounder. I am a fast bowler and my best till the day is 50 runs and 4 wickets and that as well in a single game. Cricket is my life but my life not only cricket. I have other things to prioritize along with my dream. Do you know of any schools in Kathmandu who support young cricketers? I swear I would pay back to them when I grow old and start getting paid for it.  (Abhishek Thapa, 13, Phalewas, Parbat)

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